Hodderslife - Autumn Edition

Welcome to the autumn edition of Hodderslife. We are fast approaching the last quarter of the year and what a busy time it has been. The ONS recently released figures showing six regions of the UK now have average house prices higher than their pre-financial crisis peak after values rose again in July. This has seemed to plateau towards the end of August according to a survey of chartered surveyors across the UK carried out by RICS. So with Christmas fast approaching there has never been a better time to capitalise on the great market conditions. The current consensus is that a majority of MPC members will not vote for an interest rate rise until the early months of 2015. This may well affect the average asking price for homes more so in London and the South East over the first six months of next year. Sales are still strong across all four of Hodders offices with demand out stripping supply in most cases. This provides us with a clear sign that there is still a great deal of confidence in the housing market and the UK’s recovery as a whole.

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